‘Cabinetul Avocatului Denis Ulanov’ as a form of conduct of lawyer’s activities was registered in 2011 in conformity with Law of the Republic of Moldova ‘On the Bar’ No.1260-XV dated 19 July 2002.

However, the professional activity started as early as in 1997 with initial specialisation in corporate law, financial law, trade law, tax law and intellectual property law. Presently, ‘Cabinetul avocatului Denis Ulanov’ specialises, in general, in the same fields of law, however, it also offers assistance to its clients in any other fields if required.

‘Cabinetul avocatului Denis Ulanov’ accepts and practices long-term cooperation with legal entities, based on complex agreements on legal service rendering; it also offers such services as continuous current consulting, representation of interests at the stage of negotiations, assurance of conclusion of business deals, representation of interests at any courts, law-enforcement authorities and state authorities.

We also render complex legal assistance in various investment projects and in conclusion of any civil-law instruments whatsoever.

We engage auditors, economists and other professionals in the fields we need, in the process of legal activities, in order to study the task thoroughly and to choose the most correct way of solution thereof. Such professionals have been cooperating with us for a long time and are engaged at any stage and for any period of time we need.

Another service of ‘Cabinetul avocatului Denis Ulanov’ is Due Diligence.

We pay a special attention to such legal fields as support of foreign investments and long-term project realisation, including full support of public-private partnership projects of any form provided by the laws of the Republic of Moldova.

We have rendered our services related to different aspects of activities, disputes and conflict situations, to a great number of local and foreign legal entities in the course of work with our clients. A great lot of cases relates to debt recovery (with different degrees of complexity) or to mortgage collection and insolvency procedures.

Besides its employed lawyers, ‘Cabinetul avocatului Denis Ulanov’ has cooperation and partnership agreements with other legal offices or bureaus from the Republic of Moldova, as well as with lawyers and legal firms from other countries. Thorough choice of the partners for legal cooperation allows us achieving the desired success and solving the tasks we set.

If there is a need for realisation of a difficult and complex project, we form ‘ad hoc’ a multifunctional team composed of autochthonous and foreign lawyers and specialists in various fields, for the purpose of successful realisation of such a project.

We know that namely high-quality legal services, besides other things, ensure achievement of the client’s best results in any business.